The main focus was to accommodate King and Selina’s wishes, which allow them to age in their home. In order for them to do so I created a space that provides an updated and more accessible bathroom. My first priority was to increase the width of their doorways so that they were comfortable enough to pass threw without difficulty. Now, doors can easily be accessed with a wheelchair, should the need arise.

King also mentioned the discomfort of their current shower compartment being too small. To keep cost down, I kept the shower where it was, but increased depth and added a tall, solid glass door that does not have a frame at the top. I chose not to install grab bars or adjustable seating because the client wasn’t interested in a full, ADA upgrade, but instead a space to easily age in place. They were understanding of their ability to easily install such accessories should the need arise.

In order to accommodate all of the client’s wishes, I chose to not provide a completely separate toilet compartment. The space needed to be accessible with the use of a wheelchair, and in order to do so within the toilet compartment, the rest of the bathroom would lose space. To still achieve a private space for the toilet, I opted for a solid surface partition wall. This can easily be removed/changed if needed, provides for the most usable space, and allows the maximum amount of natural light by not blocking the window.

The overall style of the space was chosen to relate to their preferred transitional design style. I chose a natural color palette and provided a neutral design, which allows the clients to adapt their personal touches within the space without difficulty. Updated fixtures also provide for a timeless design. Overall, my design provides a space for King and Selina’s desire to grow old with their home.